Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dear Diary

May 2: Dear diary, something strange happened today while I was having my siesta. I felt someone kissed me deeply on the lips but when I opened my eyes, no one was there. I still don’t believe I was dreaming ‘cos it felt so real and …heavenly. The lips tasted like iced candy and the tongue like strawberry. One moment, it was there in colorful cluster, the next, it was gone. I shut my eyes dreamily hoping it would come back….
May 3: You won’t believe it but it happened again. This time around, it was in the bathroom. I was having my shower when I felt the lips again. Consciously, I surrendered my lips, responding to its candied sweetness. Almost immediately, unseen hands began to explore my overflowing nudeness. I moaned quietly when magical fingers tasted, tickled and thrilled my fallowed nipples. The searing tongue moved downward, past every beckoning distraction and settled on the centre of my fertile sea. I cried loudly as flaming tongue devoured my depth. When the tongue stopped its tender assault, something else more muscular and awesome dived into the blue sea. I trembled under the weight of the harmony. It lingered for a while and when it stopped, I was too spent to leave the bathroom. Who could my unseen lover be? An angel or a ghost?
May 4: I was still busy thinking about my unseen lover when I felt his soft touch.
“Who are you?” I asked and waited for a response. What happened next was a wonder. Gentle breeze blew in from the window gathering and twirling until it formed an unbelievable image that made me gulp with desire. He was the tallest thing I ever seen. Jet-dark hair tumbled down his shoulders like a dazzling waterfall. His bare chest was full of muscles and lush hairs. I saw dazzling stars in his eyes. How I ached for his touch.
“Who are you?” I asked again, certain of what he would say. I am your guardian angel sent to show you the path of pleasure. I have come to fold you with the brimming magic of heaven searing breath of passion.
“I am… your imagination.” He said and I panicked. That was no what I wanted to hear.
“My imagination?
“Oh yes.”
“You mean… you do not exist?”
“No except in your imagination.”
“That is not possible! You made love to me and it was so real.” I went wild.
“Yes, because that is what you desired. You felt what you wanted to feel.”
That statement dashed my dreams. I rushed forward bent on holding tight to him and caught nothing but shadows. Have I been making love to myself through a twisted imagination? Dear diary, am I going crazy?