Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Temptation

She was my neighbour but also my fantasy. A true beauty, her great sexy body was always a distraction to the big boy downstairs. Her ample bursts always found me wanting and times without number, I had imagined floating sweetly on them.
Unfortunately for me, she was married. Her husband was a busy but successful businessman. Business was his romance. But then, he was someone you could easily mistake for a wrestler. He was exactly like the Macho Man.
This woman loved it each time I worship her body with my glowing stares and she dressed in manners that made this inevitable. She would come to me with those great beauties nearly spilling out of their prisons and we would talk for hours about nothing. She would twist, she would turn, she would shake and I would burn. The temptation was rather overwhelming. It nearly twisted my brain.
It continued until one day. I was in my flat relishing in solitude when my phone rang. It was my woman neighbour. She wanted me to come over. I went to her flat and was still wondering where she could be when I heard her voice. She was in the bathroom. I ambled towards the bathroom and found its door opened. I peeped in and there she was, as nude as the crystal moon.
She beckoned at me and I could not resist. I stepped in and over and over again, I entered another man’s paradise. It was a paradise untamed.
It seemed she had just discovered a new song in me. She longed for us to be together and we sang with intensity. So it was until her husband found her ridding majestically on me. That gruesome day, I received showers of heavy blows from the almighty Macho Man. For two months, I was in the hospital.
I was still trying to get over the deadly assault when my woman neigbour stopped by to see me. Before I could say a word, she had mounted me. She was about ridding me to another timeless pleasure when I screamed for help.
I had to stop dinning with the devil.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Duet

lingering kisses on honeyed lips
love tastes better than sugary moon.

rippling riddles on lustful tongue
love seasons like the noon.

sizzling duet on moist plain
love engulfs with fire like hell's room.