Sunday, February 7, 2016


I saw it all.

 I saw the frightened little girl dashed inside the room, pursued by darkness. She tried to lock the door but she wasn’t fast enough. The darkness crammed the room with his dread and the girl screamed, praying to the universe to help save her innocence. But the universe   was deaf that night and God was miles away.

So she begged.

‘Please don’t. Please, don’t hurt me.’

‘I don’t want to hurt you.’ said the darkness. ‘Just want to have fun. Trust me, you will love it.’

‘I don’t want to. Please go away.’

‘No, not going anywhere.’

And so, she fought the darkness.  Alone, she fought.   She was a warrior, that girl was, biting and scratching, hell-bent on tasting dark blood.

But she was just a little girl. And little girls are no match for a demon possessed.

He punched her in the face, broke a rib or two, reducing her to a bloody mess. Then he dragged her on the bed, pinned her down and started working on her clothes. When he was done, she was stark naked and this pure angel drove the darkness mad, his loins on fire. And so it was that the mad darkness entered the little girl, giving pain and taking pleasure. Broken, the little girl wept, her tears a river of flawless grief.

I should have saved the little girl guys but how could I? Like you all, I was just a hungry rat looking for food.