Friday, December 19, 2008


of hushed whisper
amidst swaying trees

of stolen gazes
amidst wary crowd

I am tired
of loving the moon
and not saying so


Jaycee said...

I sense this post is about the need for freedom...


Olufunke said...

Nice one....
very short...but deep!
You write well

Are we talking about being in love with some one that might not know-:)

Anonymous said...

What lovely imagery. I really enjoyed this!

paisley said...

she is a beautiful and mysterious woman,, you are right in being careful of your approach....

Tisha said...

i love the sun.
i love the son.
the reason for the season
nice poem.

Jaguda said...

short and nice

legalpoetamaka said...

A short poem that says it all.well done.

Buttercup said...

im thinking along the same lines as jaycee

Maithri said...

This is awesome stuff,

Peace, M

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