Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Duet

lingering kisses on honeyed lips
love tastes better than sugary moon.

rippling riddles on lustful tongue
love seasons like the noon.

sizzling duet on moist plain
love engulfs with fire like hell's room.


sonata said...

that's extremely romantic. i don't think it's quite as good as some of your other poems, but i like it's simplicity. good job!

Just...Toluwa said...
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Just...Toluwa said...

love ur description of love...

Afrobabe said...

Makes me want to fall in love...

teebay said...



Geebee said...

Okay now, that's what we're talking about . . . nice rhymes, nice rhythm. Simple poem but it exudes strong passion and romance. I like this. How you doing, deola?

Tisha said...

are you in-love. glad for you

Maithri said...

Wow, deeply sensual and beautiful words,

Blessings of peace and light,


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