Thursday, December 17, 2009

MY night, Your Day

Don't tell me
why the sun deflowered the moon
and the rain the noon

Don't tell me
why the dew caressed the leaves
and the spring the green

But tell me
why your day kisses my night
and my night your day


simeone said...

simple and classy...

rayo said...

i love the way u write poetry, simple yet the imagery is so powerful...

Larom said...

You surely make a good pass the message across beautifully...

Tisha said...

nice poem

Lisa Allender said...

sweet. touching.

Rick said...

Lovely. Well done!

AlooFar said...

Ogbeni, come & update this blog jare.

lovely poem.

Kass said...

Your poetry is unique.

Saúl González said...

Time to upgrade my Minecraft to premium :D

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harada57 said...
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