Monday, November 15, 2010

One Goal

One goal, one laughter from the lore
One flow, one swansong from the shore

One smile, one cuddle from the sun
One dance, one salute to the dawn

One day, the green will be watered and poise for a kiss
that day, the children will dream and dream for a bliss

One touch, one caress from the hue
One wing, one soaring to the blue

One giggle, one chuckling of the rain
One future, one budding of the brain

One day, the young will find their voice when we give ours
the morrow will look its best when they get the hours

One goal, one laughter from the lore
One flow, one swansong from the shore


AlooFar said...

Bruv, nice one.

... as usual.

Sasmita said...

I woke up in a fine morning
To read something very intresting.

I wondered who this lovely Deola is ?
Sweet, cute & poetic... this is what she is!!!

Thanx visiting my blog, keep reading!

birdy said...

Well said, Deola! A nice blog is running here.

AlooFar said...

This man. How body?

VICKYFF said...

Thank you for the entertainment.Love those puffy clouds...Awww so sweet and lovely:) Kisses and hugs, darling
i will be much missed.
Scarves Scarves

Anonymous said...

One world! One love. Nice piece.

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harada57 said...
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